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How Oasis Hong Kong Airlines is Connecting Families Around the World


Started in October 2006, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines pioneers a fresh approach to flying. Its raison dtre is simple: making frequent long-haul travel accessible to all. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines provides not only unbelievable fares but also the opportunity for passengers to customise their flight experience, in either business or economy classes. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited launched with affordable daily direct long-haul flights between Hong Kong and London Gatwick. Now this innovative long-haul discount carrier has expanded its global footprint, with the launch of a new six times weekly direct service connecting Hong Kong with Vancouver, Canada.


Vancouver is the largest city in Western Canada, and the luxembourg id card third largest city in the country. Vancouver is home to Norway driver's license one of the worlds largest Chinese communities outside of Asia, and is a popular place of residence for many expatriate and retiree Hong Kong Chinese. Until now, many of these families were unable to travel to visit their relatives as often as they would like, due to the high costs of international air tickets. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited is set to change that, bringing affordable long-haul travel to all and helping families meet up more often.

Booked online in advance, the cost of an Oasis Hong Kong economy ticket between Hong Kong and Vancouver can be significantly lower that that of competitor airlines two-stop services, whilst the cost of a business class ticket can be comparable to the cost of an economy ticket on other airlines. Thats good news for family members living thousands of miles apart, and also for the large Chinese business community in Vancouver that maintains strong ties with Hong Kong, Mainland China and the rest of Asia.

Raymond Lee, CEO of Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited, is enthusiastic about the new route, and is very happy that it will allow expatriate families who were previously put off by high travel Buy Hungarian passport online costs to visit their relatives more frequently. He has even ensured that special provisions are made for older family members. We have provided special fares for passengers over 55 years old to reduce their financial burden, said Mr Lee. We hope to encourage those who only fly once a year to fly twice, even three times a year. Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited also offers special rates to pastors and students.


In its first year of operations, Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited has helped forge significant changes in the international travel market. Since the launch of its Hong Kong to London route last year, the market has expanded by 28 within the next year, and will collaborate with short-haul airlines in establishing flight packages from Hong Kong German passport online to many other destinations in Asia.

Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited has flown over 500,000 passengers since it began operations in October 2006, and its Hong Kong to London Irish driver's license route is currently operating at above 90% capacity. Future plans for Oasis Hong Kong Airlines Limited include increased frequencies to Vancouver, with the possibility of additional flights to Toronto. Other routes to Europe and North America are also being planned, to put long-haul travel within the reach of everyone and encourage more people to fly the world.